Tomato Burger



@samhoud signature dish with a twist of Judith’s Kitchen

Ingredients for basic burger: one can of copped tomatoes, one can of tomato paste, breadcrumbs, a little corn starch, one egg, salt and pepper to taste

Additional ingredient to taste: chopped basil leaves and/or onion powder

Make it fancy: chopped beet root and/and chopped mozzarella cheese


How to cook:

Mix all ingredients together, add breadcrumb until substance is thick enough to make burgers

Make burgers

Fry in frying pan on high heat for two minutes each side

Fry another three minutes on both side on low to medium heat

Add cheddar cheese for the last minute on top of the burger and let it melt

Serve on bun

Of course you can add regular burger stuff: pickles, mayonaise, ketchup, tomatoes, lettuce and onion